Security guards


Electronic Guard Tour Systems:

We understand the importance of protecting your property as do our officers. We realize that you may have, at one time or another, had or heard stories related to some organizations that do not carry the same values as we do at Power Security. We can offer your site a system called Deggy Wands at no additional hourly rate (100% refundable security deposit is required).  The Deggy® Guard Tour System uses proven “touch-memory” technology, enabling our officers to easily record and report events and document the exact date and time of our patrol inspections.  Each patrol inspection is electronically recorded to ensure quality of service and provides our clients with consistent verification that the services were actually performed.

How the Guard Tour System Works:   Electronic Data buttons are placed in strategic locations throughout our clients sites and our patrol officers “touch” these check points at specified times during their patrol inspections.  The Deggy® Guard Tour Wand keeps an electronic record and thus provides thorough incident reporting. The wand can then be plugged into a download station and the software prints out a detailed report that can be made available to our clients on a monthly basis or upon request. The Deggy®

Guard Tour System allows us to monitor patrol officer performance, measure productivity, and capture on-site data to identify operational inefficiencies, maintenance problems, security vulnerabilities, or safety concerns.


Motorola Radio System

We are also utilizing a Motorola radio system, our professionally trained team keep tabs on our guards which, in turn, provide a variety of resources to our guards. Police and Fire information, and the ability for the dispatcher to call, freeing the guard to handle any emergencies without being on the phone. Our guards will also provide information about an individual. This information which is entered into a database for future reference and is kept for trespass records, reducing the number of repeat trespassers.